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– This coffee table features a sleek and modern round shape, offering a sense of flow and harmony in your living space. The absence of sharp corners adds to its contemporary aesthetic while enhancing safety.
– The table is designed with two levels of tabletop space. The lower tier serves as an open storage shelf. This provides a practical and accessible space for storing and displaying items like books, magazines, decorative items, or even baskets to keep clutter organized.
– The table’s finish is chosen to match modern interior decor styles. It may feature sleek, minimalist lines, a neutral color palette, or a combination of materials like wood and metal, adding to its contemporary appeal. Its modern design and practical storage solution make it a stylish centerpiece in your living room, encouraging conversations and gatherings around it.
– The two-tier round coffee table with open storage enhances the functionality of your living room. You can use the lower shelf for displaying decorative accents, organizing magazines, or keeping frequently used items within reach.
– Product Dimensions: 59.7 x 59.7 x 45.7 cm; 8.3 kg


Black, Rustic Brown


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